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October 31st, 2015

Up is a lovely, charming and visually stunning family comedy which can leave no heart unwarmed, although very young children might be a bit scared at some of the chancier moments!

A lonely, curmudgeonly old widower called Carl Fredricksen, voiced by Ed Asner, lives all by himself in a house on land that unscrupulous property developers want to buy. Finally, backed into a corner by these bullies’ legal manoeuvres, Carl simply ties thousands and thousands of multi-coloured balloons to his house so that it can fly away and he can visit the legendary Paradise Falls in Venezuela, which he has dreamed of since he was a little boy and wanted to be an explorer, inspired by the adventurer Charles Muntz – a flawed Lindberghian hero voiced by Christopher Plummer. To his chagrin, Carl discovers that he has a stowaway in his airborne house: a feisty boy scout called Russell, voiced by Jordan Nagai.

This movie is remarkable for a brilliant montage sequence at the very beginning, sketching out Carl’s early married life with childhood sweetheart Elie. It is a masterclass in narrative exposition, and the moments explaining their childlessness will bring a lump to your throat. This is a terrific film with hints of Conan Doyle’s The Lost World and Albert Lamorisse’s Red Balloon.

If you’ve not seen it. See it. Now.

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