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Trion the planet

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January 17th, 2016

Trion has an interesting story in the Doctor Who series. It had been colonised by the Time Lords millions of years ago.

Early in its history, Trion was attacked by the Tractators, an experience so traumatic to the Trions that it survived as an ancestral memory for millennia.

By the 20th century, Trion was an advanced world with many colonies, some of which were centuries old. They had spacefaring and transmat capabilities, and were on the cusp of developing time travel.

At around this time, Trion suffered a civil war. At least some of those on the losing side were exiled rather than killed; Vislor Turlough was among these. Even young children, such as Malkon Turlough, faced exile; it seems to have been applied to rebellious families rather than individual combatants. The exile was lifted by 1984, and exiles were permitted to return.

The Tenth Doctor and Emily Winter visited Trion to make sure that Turlough didn’t write the diary that the Advocate was using to manipulate Matthew Finnegan.

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