The Golden Gate Bridge over sunset

The Golden Gate Bridge over sunset

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January 17th, 2016

The Golden Gate bridge is in itself a symbol of human achievement and romance. Many romantic scenes have been shot on this bridge.

Apart from the beautiful bridge, there also the Golden Gate Park nearby. This park is very serene and nice in many areas and contains specialty places such as conservatories and museums with a huge selection of specialty gardens, such as the Japanese Tea Garden and the Botanical Garden.

The Stow lake in the park is the most popular spot. The lake surrounds the Strawberry Hill and you can also rent a pedal boat or a rowboat for a romantic getaway with your partner or for a fun filled time with your family.

There are plenty of ducks and birds to feed and an electrically-pumped waterfall to enjoy. Also, there are two different bridges where you can walk over the water to start the jaunt up Strawberry Hill.

On the way up you see beautiful redwoods; once on top, you can see a great view of the west part of San Francisco.

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