The countryside of Hunan

The countryside of Hunan

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January 20th, 2016

The countryside of Hunan near Tongdao – which coincidentally means ‘passageway’ or ‘thoroughfare’ – is home to dozens of Dong ethnic villages. The region of Tongdao, virtually unknown to Western and Chinese tourists is the right place for an off-the-beaten-path scenic drive through the Hunanese countryside which is dotted with ancient Dong drum towers and centuries-old Wind and Rain bridges.

Some specific areas of the ‘Land of the Dong’ have been open to tourism (the cluster of hamlets of Chengyang in north Guangxi and the village of Zhaoxing in Guizhou) and require an entrance fee.

The Dong ethnic minority live in the region delimited by southwest Hunan, southeast Guizhou, and north Guangxi. This part of the country often called the “Corridor of Dong culture”.

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