Tengah Island, Seribuat Archipelago

Stunning wallpaper of one of the beaches on this gorgeous island, just off of the East coast of Malaysia

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November 4th, 2015

We spent a fortnight on Tengah Island This summer, which is in the Seribuat Archipelago, just off Malaysia’s east coast. The area includes the well-known tourist isles Rawa and Tioman, but Batu Batu is the new, exclusive, kid on the block.

There is something rock-star comforting about arriving at your own private island - well, you and the other 22 villas that hug the coast of this mile-wide stretch of tropical perfection.

I’s nice to know that you can roam without fences, dine without reservations and leave your snorkelling gear drying on your balcony ready for the next foray.

We had a palatial pad too, our villa in the jungle, with a high-beamed ceiling, huge bathroom with a stone bath big enough for four people (although we never put this to the test!).

Tengah Island played host to a reality TV show called Expedition Robinson, a Swedish forerunner to the US Survivor series, and it really is that kind of beautiful - the kind of tropical idyll that TV location scouts dream of, the kind where you wouldn’t mind being stranded with a bunch of money-grubbing fame chasers.

We’ll go back. And if you ever get the chance to visit, take it.


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