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This stunning cove in is Cape Arilla, Afionas, Kerkyra, Greece

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December 20th, 2015

We shot this wallpaper exclusively for Wallpprs while on Kerkyra in mid 2015.

If Corfu is the ‘Garden Isle’ then Afionas is its ‘Garden Village’. Set on the shoulder of a promontory in the far north west of Corfu, the old village begins where the road runs out. Entering the village along the ascending lane is like stepping into another visual dimension. Not a Corfiot one. Gone are the ochres and strawberry-pinks of the house walls, the dark shiny green of shutters. Here the world is stark blue and white. And even the bougainvillea, purple elsewhere, choses to be white in Anions.

Afionas is very old indeed. Although systematic excavations have never been implemented, remains in the vicinity of the ‘Sunset Viewpoint’ on the far side of the settlement have been dated to the Middle Hellenic Period, around 3000 BC, when it was called Amfionas. As you approach by road from Kavadades and top the rise, the outline of the hill above the ‘modern’ village so resembles an acropolis that you expect to see a Parthenon-style temple on its summit; you can’t imagine that the Ancients would have missed the chance to build one in such a commanding spot.

Just a short stroll through the lanes leads you to the ‘Sunset View’ plateau, where benches have been set, facing towards Arillas. A part of Amfionas was excavated here. Or you can follow the (sometimes steep and rough) footpath from the village, traversing the mountainside high above the sea and descending to Pirate’s Cove, a double-sided beach.

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