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November 1st, 2015

Moscow-based Lobanov design studio has unveiled a 100m concept, inspired by ancient Greek Triremes, a vessel used across the Mediterranean by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians. In addition to the unusual exterior styling, designer Igor Lobanov has given the yacht an unconventional bow, provided plenty of open deck space aft and included a helipad, which is more commonly seen on motoryachts. However, the Phoenicia is purely an exterior study, as the technical aspects have been put aside and focus has been given to creating a sailing yacht with both modern and historic design features.

“We wanted to see how we could create a 100m plus sailing yacht with certain parameters,” explains Lobanov. “One of the key ideas was to have an all around open deck, arranged as a gallery, with specially designed patterns that would create a mixture of light and shadows.”

The Phoenicians influenced a number of cultures based around the Mediterranean due to the amount of trading they conducted. They are a link between the East and West, between modern Muslim and Christian cultures, which is something that Lobanov found to be very inspirational and hence the name for the concept.

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