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December 25th, 2015

Neave Bozorgi is an American born self taught photographer. He has his roots in Iran, where he lived up to the age of 16. After coming back to the US, he lived with his grandmother in California.

He has studied graphic design but accquired the name and fame from his photography which is often focussed on exploring the curves of the body.

Tagged as NSFW, Neave says that his work is nothing but a simple feast to the eyes. He often avoids shooting the face but that is not because he is shy or something. In fact he is pretty bold with his work.

In an interview with Live FAST magazine, it was published “He’s also not afraid to show himself reflecting in a mirror which is refreshing in an “it is what it is” kind of way. He’s there to photograph beautiful women, in camera (a.k.a. with as little Photoshop as possible), and it’s the real deal.”

In an industry choking on agents, creative directors, publicists, managers, makeup artists, assistants and stylists, Bozorgi’s process is unusually simple. Models message him, and if he’s interested, he sends over a Dropbox folder with images from other shoots and asks the model to choose the ones she likes so that he can gauge her style and comfort level. He shoots in hotels or his L.A. duplex, and photographs the women sometimes with vintage cars or “naked in the bed,” he says, “as if she’s alone.”

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