Long endless road

Long endless road


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January 20th, 2016

Though sometimes a little unsafe, a road trip in Mexico is still an amazing experience. Here is a little insight on one of the most popular routes of the country:

The Northern Loop

Cross the border at Brownsville, TX to Matemoros (you’ll need special insurance for your car, you can get it here) and drive to Ciudad Victoria, where you can spend a couple of days finding your feet in this city in the shade of the Sierra Madre. This city isn’t likely to show up in your guidebook, but it’s a good representation of modern Mexican city life.

Plan to spend a couple of leisurely days enjoying the splendor and variety of the mountains as you work your way south through the state of San Louis Potosi, visit Gogorron National Park, stop in the little towns like Santa Mari del Rio and buy local weavings and crafts, and camp at least one night at Laguna Media Luna and swim in the bath-water warm springs.

Then head west to the bustling metropolis of Guadalajara and plan to spend a few days (the mercado is a must), taking day trips to Tlaqueplaque & Tonala to buy pottery and ceramics in their distinctive styles. From there go north to Mazatlan, a resort town that is cheaper than the well touristed Puerto Vallarta. Walk the promenade and visit Viejo Mazatlan, make the long climb to the lighthouse that’s been there since 1571 and spend a day or two on the beach. Finally, head north and cross back into the USA at Nogales, south of Tucson, AZ. It’s said to be slightly safer than Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, TX. 

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