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LIMBO cover art

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November 11th, 2015

In a world of highly animated 3D games, Limbo was the first vastly successful 2D video games. Surprisingly, it was also the first game released by Playdead, a Danish game developer.

When we say 2D we don’t mean the old hand-held type video games. The game’s graphics are pretty detailed, but the game itself is a 2D sidescroller. Based on the Box2D physics system, the players guide an unnamed boy through the jungle on the “edge of hell” (inspired by the game’s name).

The environment of the game is controlled by the laws of physics and the unnamed boy is tasked to find his sister before he falls trap to the game’s puzzle logic. The game also includes the jungle traps such as bear traps and other conditions.

Originally released on the Xbox Live Arcade, the game gained so much popularity that immediately after its exclusivity period, it was released for all the platforms including Windows, a Linux port and ports for all the versions of Xbox and PlayStation.

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