Jammer - Killzone 3

Jammer - Killzone 3


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January 9th, 2016

Jammer is a character newly introduced in Killzone 3. She is one of the survivors of the Vektan invasion fleet marooned on Helghan following the death of the Helghast Autarch Scolar Visari and the annihilation of the ISA armada sent to pacify the planet.

A young woman with a Hispanic like appearance, Jammer serves alongside Rico and his Raider unit as they seek a way off the planet. She appears to possess some technical skill, including knowledge of Helghast mechanical and computer systems, also like Luger, Jammer shows impressive skills in both hand to hand and ranged combat, though she can be overwhelmed, like at the end of Killzone 3 on the Space Station, she requires the help from Hooper to subdue the Helghast guarding the keycard.

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