Frey from Fisheye Placebo

Frey from Fisheye Placebo

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December 15th, 2015

Frey is first shown in the second comic of Fisheye Placebo. He was with Robin discussing the problem of Vance Lee and was planning to masquerade as Robin to figure out whether or not Vance was a spy. After an embarrassing personal messaging stint, he concludes that Vance is only a minor setback.

Frey is shown to be a rather intelligent individual. He appears to have a manipulative side to him shown when he toys with Vance during their internet chat when he pretended to be Robin, and again when he confronts Vance as an agent. Frey is cunning, observant, and appears to hold philosophical standpoints, shown during the conversation when he calls Vance a “sheep in man’s clothing.”

He also seems to be rather devious when it comes to the way he operates. Frey also seems to have a dry sense of humor that is sometimes misinterpreted by others, such as when he met Vance for the first time and called him ‘Roomie’ then rating him ‘3/10. Not impressed’ when commenting on Vance’s genitals. Or rather the lack thereof, it would seem.

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