Farcry 3 cover art

Farcry 3 cover art

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November 11th, 2015

Set on a tropical island between the Indian and the Pacific oceans, Farcry 3 is a massive online open world role-playing multiplayer game.

Unlike most other online games, Farcry 3 is a first-person shooter game and a stand-alone expansion version of the game was also released titled Farcry 3: Blood Dragon.

Jason Vandenberghe, the game’s narrative director explains that the game has several improvements over its previous versions. These improvements mainly consist of the added player’s capabilities like making covert operations behind enemy lines, performing close quarter melee attacks from above, below or behind, placing cameras on enemies to track their movements, etc.

Though the initial weapon purchases and upgrades are to be made from the game shop, they are ultimately made free after a certain level of achievement. Also the game map is much more sophisticated and larger as compared to earlier versions.

Developed by a collaboration of subsidiaries of Ubisoft Technologies, the game is available on Windows, PlayStation and Xbox.

Enjoy the full 4K HD wallpaper for all ypur devices.

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