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December 18th, 2015

David Fuhrer (born 1960) is an American inventor and entrepreneur. David Fuhrer has licensed more than 300 toys, games and household products including iconic products such as the multi award winning, global bestsellers Aqua Doodle and the Nerf Vortex Football. Brand Week Magazine (February 2009) refers to Fuhrer as “one of the more successful rainmakers in the toy industry”.

Currently, David Fuhrer is the Founder/Managing Director of BlueSquare Innovations, a producer of television infomercials. Previously, he served as President of Funanuf.

Fuhrer is also known for his unusual ability to speak backwards fluently. He holds the Guinness book American record for Fastest Backwards Talker for his backwards recitation in 1989 of the Queen album A Night At The Opera in 10 min 19 sec. Fuhrer has appeared on numerous television programs including The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He has also been profiled in People Magazine and the Los Angeles Times Business section. Fuhrer is the co-author with Marvin Silbermintz of Backwords – The Secret Language of Talking Backwards and more Incredible Games, Stunts and Mind-Bending Word Fun, and the creator of a board game also called Backwords.

in 1989, Fuhrer co-starred in the comedy/horror feature film “Monster High” for Columbia/TriStar Films He played the character Mel Anoma.

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