An iceberg in the Northeast Greenland National Park

An iceberg in the Northeast Greenland National Park


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January 11th, 2016

The National Park in Greenland is an Arctic paradise and a wilderness with wildlife that cannot be matched in the inhabited areas of the country. Located in the north-eastern corner of the country, the park is larger than any other national park in the world. However, due to its size and relative inaccessibility it is not a national park in the traditional sense.

Apart from the personnel at a couple of meteorological stations and the Danish Armed Forces surveillance unit, the elite Sirius Patrol, no people live in the area. The only people who have regular access to the area are sealers and whalers from Ittoqqortoormiit, a town in North-Eastern Greenland.

However, by joining an expedition cruise, it is possible to experience the unique, unspoiled scenery and to observe some of the most exciting wildlife found in the northern hemisphere, including giant walrusses with powerful tusks and the largest predator of them all, the majestic polar bear.

It is precisely this wealth of fauna which every year draws numerous international scientific surveys and expeditions to the region. Besides the wildlife, they also investigate the many relics from former settlements along the coast.

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