10,000 BC

10,000 BC


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December 30th, 2015

A spectacularly historically inaccurate movie about a mammoth hunter named D’Leh, ostensibly set in the year 10,000 B.C. During a “great hunt” of a stampede of wooly mammoths, D’Leh appears to slay a gigantic ultra-mammoth and is awarded his tribe’s sacred artifact, the White Spear. This allows him to claim any woman in the tribe as his wife, and he chooses his childhood friend Evolet (who was originally from somewhere else, and found by the tribe wandering the tundra half-dead.) Then guilt over cheating causes him to give the spear back, angering said childhood friend.

Soon after, horsemen with swords show up and kidnap many of the villagers, including D’Leh’s girlfriend. He and the few surviving hunters set off on a quest to track down these raiders and get their families back.

After traversing some seriously weird terrains, and having a few small adventures along the way, D’leh is separated from the rest of the party. He ends up at an agricultural village in a desert. There, he manages to impress the local chief, and makes friends with the natives. It turns out that this and many other villages have been victimized by the same raiders that kidnapped D’Leh’s people, and taken to “the Mountain of the Gods.” The chief somehow concludes that D’Leh is The Chosen One who will overthrow the evil god who is doing this.

Soon after, all the desert tribes gather together to march towards the Mountain of the Gods (which turns out to be a gigantic and work-in-progress pyramid.) There, the prisoners are being used as slaves in a big construction job. The impromptu army attacks and triggers a slave uprising. D’Leh himself kills the false god who’s running things, and everybody is freed.

The chief gives D’Leh some seeds and instructions on how to farm. D’Leh, his wife, and those mammoth-people who remain return to their tundra home to rebuild.

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